There is a place where commercial activity is carried out on top and not necessarily because of its transactions of considerable value, but you can literally run out of air so you don't buy anything, usually crowded with people, this place contains daily aspects that partly reflect the society it represents. Many times the peasant who brings his products to sell, the people who live on the street, working mothers with their little ones, families of artisans, all absolutely all with a specific purpose; survive. 
At 4,000 meters above sea level is El Alto, a city very close to the capital La Paz, very young but that since its inception was marked under a commercial model, mainly due to its heritage of immigrants from the Bolivian and Peruvian highlands with a population profile. mainly indigenous.
In El Alto there is the 16th of July Fair, one of the largest popular markets in Bolivia, spaces like this allow vendors to group together, who also have an internal union-type organization with defined functions and financial mechanisms for their sustainability.
To get there it was very difficult, only until the government of Evo Morales, a cable or cable car system was built that makes the visits of the citizens of the capital even more crowded.

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